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I’ve been meaning to update…

But really every time I get over here, I just feel like this:


Isn’t this photo divine?  It’s by Dalla, and I found it over at flickr.  It really is indicative of how I am at the end of the night, the last few nights.  I’ve been working my behind off trying to get ready for this move, especially now that I have some slightly more solid deadlines, so even while I have two books to review, and some generally good writing vibes lately… I just don’t have the energy to write about them just now.  I’d sort of rather just fall asleep on the floor, my head on a cushion.

Then again, I have contacts to consider… and that would make for some very dry eyes in the morning, so I guess I’ll have to stave off sleep for a few minutes more now…


Goodnight, y’all.

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Things I’ll Miss, Part I

SDC12340 There’s no denying that one of the things I’ll miss most about Southern California is the ocean.  Bonfires on the beach, fishing off the pier.  Some of my best memories involve walking the beaches at night, or wandering around the harbor with a few good friends.  There’s something about the sound and the breeze and the salt in the air.  In college (UCSB) I lived a stone’s throw from the beach, and slept with my windows open as often as possible, just to get a whiff of that air.

This past weekend, I’ve been to the ocean twice, both as failed attempts at Grunion running.  Alas, we saw no grunions either time, but it was very nice getting out there and walking the various beaches near Oceanside.  Without grunions, we spent most of our time digging up sand crabs (of some truly impressive sizes), and SDC12441walking the pier.  I’m sorry we didn’t get to see any fish, since it had been my first ever grunion run, but we had a pretty good time anyhow, trying, and ultimately failing, to avoid the sweep of the high tides.

Tonight or tomorrow I’m off for a roadtrip to Salt Lake.  Not the road trip, bound to leave me there, but just a week trip, so I can scope out the area and my brother can look at the colleges.  Internet access on this trip is highly doubtful, just to let you know.  But I’ll be thinking about you.  And I’ll come back with pictures.

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My Life in Boxes, Part I

The move continues.  Actually, to be quite honest, I’m not to the moving part just yet.  Mainly I’ve been going through the large amounts of stuff that I have.  Taking pictures of various things that I love, so that I can give them away despite myself.

The hardest thing to give away?  You guessed it, my books.  I’ve already depleted the number by about half… given away almost all of my classics, because I know that I can find them again.  The few I’ve kept are either really pretty (let’s be honest here) or have extreme sentimental value.  For example, my copy of Jane Eyre—because ugly as it is in it’s dark orange Signet Classic, slightly bent up cover… how do you give away the book that introduced you to a character like Rochester?  You can’t.  It’s that simple.  I’m keeping my Russians, too, because while different translators don’t change much about the experience… they do change some.  And I love those dreary, excitement-prone Russians.  But for the main part, classics are classics, and I know I’ll be able to find those again.

It’s the odd little books that no one’s heard of that are the ones that I really refuse to let go of.  And the guilty pleasures, of course – we must have those.  There are very few Young Adult books I’ve let myself let go of, and even some kids’ books that I’m holding on to pretty tightly.   (Yes, Pagemaster, I mean you.)

I’m going to be alternating posts for the next while between reflections on what I can and can’t give away, and the various things about California itself that I’m going to be missing… partially for the nostalgia kick, partially to give me a chance to spotlight some things that I truly love about my state.  Because, yes, I’m one of  those.  No matter where I end up, I’ll always be California, born and bred.

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