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Dramarama by E. Lockhart

Dramarama by E. Lockhart

I’m on a 50 Books in ’08 mission, and getting so close… finished 46 and 47 in the past few days. 47 was Something Rotten in Jasper Fforde’s fantastic Thursday Next series, and 46 was E. Lockhart’s Dramarama.

This is my second Lockhart (after the wonderful The Boyfriend List), and mostly great, but a bit too poppy and sparkly. I get that it’s a drama camp, but every character doesn’t have to call every other character “darling” the entire time. That got old fast. There was some really poignant great stuff in this, especially the character who feels like a “trick pony” for her parents, and the main character’s getting jealous over her gay best friend, even though she doesn’t love him in that way, etc.

The thing I didn’t like was that there was an obvious solid, satisfying ending that was hinted at and built-up towards, but then the story stopped short before the reader gets to see the main character have her epiphany moment, so it’s kind of a downer towards the end. (There’s a chance there’s a sequel in the work that I don’t know about… but from the Epilogue, I didn’t get that feeling.)

Also… Lockhart didn’t know half the Broadway she really should have to write this book, and it was all obvious stuff. Repeated references to some ten plays got a bit tiresome… but probably wouldn’t be as noticeable to someone who hadn’t grown up living and breathing musicals?

That being said, I’m passing it on to my friend Isabelle the first chance I get, because I think she’ll get a kick out of it, and it’s definitely enjoyable and worth the read.

On a Broadway-aholic note, I will say that she knocks Jekyll & Hyde a bit too much. If all she knows is the Hasselhoff interpretation, I can’t blame the poor woman, but that was a Colm Wilkenson role first, and Colm is not to be knocked.

And on an audiophile note, I got Roisín Murphy’s “Ramalama” stuck in my head every time I picked this up. It was impossible not to. Consonance does that to me.

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