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Things I’ll Miss, Part I

SDC12340 There’s no denying that one of the things I’ll miss most about Southern California is the ocean.  Bonfires on the beach, fishing off the pier.  Some of my best memories involve walking the beaches at night, or wandering around the harbor with a few good friends.  There’s something about the sound and the breeze and the salt in the air.  In college (UCSB) I lived a stone’s throw from the beach, and slept with my windows open as often as possible, just to get a whiff of that air.

This past weekend, I’ve been to the ocean twice, both as failed attempts at Grunion running.  Alas, we saw no grunions either time, but it was very nice getting out there and walking the various beaches near Oceanside.  Without grunions, we spent most of our time digging up sand crabs (of some truly impressive sizes), and SDC12441walking the pier.  I’m sorry we didn’t get to see any fish, since it had been my first ever grunion run, but we had a pretty good time anyhow, trying, and ultimately failing, to avoid the sweep of the high tides.

Tonight or tomorrow I’m off for a roadtrip to Salt Lake.  Not the road trip, bound to leave me there, but just a week trip, so I can scope out the area and my brother can look at the colleges.  Internet access on this trip is highly doubtful, just to let you know.  But I’ll be thinking about you.  And I’ll come back with pictures.

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California Sun

Today was a perfect California day.  Pristine blue sky, hot sun, and a cool, lovely breeze.  What can you add to a naturally perfect day to make it even better?  How about an enclosed pool, friendly people, and maybe a book?  Also time, blessed time.

Today I went to a barbeque for the volunteer staff of the Anime Expo.  I’m not on the volunteer staff of the Anime Expo – in fact I haven’t even been to the expo—but I have friends in interesting places.  Really I don’t know much Anime beyond Studio Ghibli productions—but who doesn’t at the very least, love Totoro?  (So long as it’s not being voiced by Dakota Fanning?)

It was a lovely day, anyhow.  I hadn’t been actually swimming in a swimming pool for I don’t know how long.  And the best part is laying out in the sun afterwards, drying off and reading a book.  It was the longest block of straight reading time I’d had since I had to report for jury duty about a month ago – and sadly I am still reading the same book.  Making my way slowly through the latest Fablehaven.  My lack of speed has nothing  to do with the pacing of the book, which is fantastic once it gets going, but I just have not been able to stop and read lately, except for a chapter here or there while I’m taking a bath.  Writing time has been sadly even less.

What I have been able to do is work on my alternate personality a little bit.  Not much, but then it doesn’t take as many big blocks of time as writing does.  Mainly I’m focused on this move.  I have a good deal of stuff I need to get rid of, one way or another.  Places like Ravelry and Plurk keep me sane in the process.  Today was a fairly perfect day, though.  Tomorrow I’m back to the grind, though.  And the way I’m feeling right now, tomorrow might come on pretty fast, because I am worn out.

Goodnight, y’all.

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