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The compulsory…

The sky started clouding over around 3:30 this afternoon, and I started to think maybe it was time to graduate from my Blogger account. I don’t know if those two are correlated at all, but they’re certainly both true. I’ve been eyeing WordPress for a while, as it always seems to look just a tad more professional, somehow, and so here I am.

It’s getting cold here in California. Of course, it’s California, so that’s about as relative as you can get, but it’s heading towards sock season for me, and that’s saying something, as eleven or so months out of the year, I can’t stand to wear socks, but at the moment they sound very nice… I should go find some.

Intentions for this blog—to write well. That’s the gist of it, really. I’ve been indulging in informal blogs far too much, and it’s making me sloppy, I think. I love the world of Livejournal, and the community sense there, but it’s not where I write well, and Blogger could have been that place, but I could never really take it seriously as such. I don’t know what it was exactly, maybe just the rounded edges that seem to prevail there. Friendly, yes, but I’m looking for something a little sharper. Clean lines.

I think this will also be the place for me to start a new project I’m thinking of. An entirely online free read, in the form of an ongoing epistolary “novel,” presented in blog format. I’m really looking forward to this, and it will give readers a chance to get to see some of my writing, and hopefully garner some interest. The thing that I’ve always loved about the blog format in general is the capability of feedback, and direct contact with readers, and I’m hoping to utilize that here. Or rather, not here, precisely. You’ll be hearing more about this soon, be sure of that.

This will be a way for me to get the epistolary bug out of my system in a more or less harmless way, also, which is definitely a plus. I think everyone wants to write an epistolary novel at some point or other in their lives, restrictive as they can be. But maybe that’s the enticement, the economy of language. It sure is for bloggers. Or at least, should be.

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