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Hello, Lover


No, I’m not talking about the typewriter (though I wish it were mine!), I’m talking about that feeling that you get when you start a brand new project, when the spark of a new novel presents itself to you, all shiny and tempting.  I was lightning-struck with an idea this morning, and though I really shouldn’t be starting something new right now, I also don’t think that writers can afford to put ideas like this on the shelf when they come to you as clearly as this came to me.  (Am I even being coherent here?  I can’t tell at this point.)

Actually, this project isn’t entirely brand new to me, because it’s a reorganized version (read: butchered, beaten, and brought back to life version) of an older project of mine that simply wasn’t usable.  Really very little has been salvaged but a basic idea and a few scenes and character traits, plus a twist or two.  Everything else has been wiped clean and made new.  It’s a beautiful thing.  Especially beautiful because this has the potential of being an ensemble-cast series, something I’ve been wanting  to find a way to do for some time now.

I won’t say more than that just now… I don’t really know much more, and I don’t want to jinx myself by talking about the project too much, but know that it is distracting me and I’m really enjoying the distraction.  That should suffice.

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