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Blog Contest!

This is an utterly fantastic contest.  Somewhatvoluble is having a giveaway for her Blogoversary, and the prize is a gorgeous handmade journal from one of Etsy‘s most prized sellers, Kreativlink.  The one being given away is an ink-on-leather drawing, and really gorgeous.  In fact, every journal Kreativlink has ever sold is gorgeous.  A dear friend of mine gave me a Kreativlink journal for my birthday just a couple of weeks ago, and I can say firsthand that they are as gorgeous as they look!   This is a truly generous prize!

So what do you have to do to enter?  Go to somewhatvoluble’s contest post, then look at Kreativlink’s shop and tell somewhatvoluble which item you like best—which I won’t say will be easy to do, because everything is beautiful!

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