2010 Year in Review

Apparently nothing grinds a blog (or writing in general, in fact) to a halt like planning and organizing a wedding.  I got married November 9th (hip hip hooray!) and am only just starting to get my routine back into place.  I’d like to say “back to normal,” but my husband and I are actually planning on going to Japan for a year… if I can find a teaching job there, that is.  Here’s hoping!

This year has been a tumultuous one, to say the least, but also one of the most eventful. Got engaged, got married, etc, etc…  the year is a bit of a blur, really, but it seems to have lasted a long time, too.  I’m just a bundle of clichés when I try to talk about it.  Suffice it to say that it’s been a good year, and I’m happy with how everything turned out.  Did I expect to be here a year ago today?  Not hardly… but when life happens, you can either let it, or hide from it, and I’m starting to think that giving in and not hiding from it anymore was a big part of my growing up this year.

As to other things… I’ve done pitifully at my 52 books challenge.  I have finished exactly a dozen books so far this year.  I have fairly good chances of finishing Anne of Ingleside before the year peters out, but that’s still a good 39 books short of my goal, and 40 less than last year.  I’ve been feeling the absence in my life, too.

The plan is to start online presences off a little fresh in 2011.  Tales From the Hollow Tree will be completely revamped, with a couple of extra staff members coming on board.  CinderLisaDesign, my alter ego, will finally be getting back to regular updates, too.  I’ll even be getting back to my tumblr, where I’m most likely to talk about any and all of the above in one place.

As to other plans… as I said, Japan.  Sadly I’ve missed a lot of deadlines, but I’ve worked up a CV, and I’m going to start sending it out as soon as possible.  It may be a bit insane, but we’re broke as broke right now anyhow, and when will we be able to do it in the future?  After we have kids and start a family? Not likely.  So we’re destination Japan. Wish us luck.


(I realize I’ve gone from writing “me” to “us”… I don’t know that this blog will stay that involved in my married life—not likely—but still… apologies, if  it’s thrown you off!)

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