No, I’m not dead!

Simply maimed.  Or my laptop is, at least.  My shiny, 17″ HP g60-230US has… died on me.  After seven months of ownership.  My hard drive is completely fried, and I am… sad.

Thankfully almost all of my writing is safe.  The laptop was backed up until the beginning of July, and I have a habit (thankfully!) of emailing myself or close friends bits of my manuscript, or the whole thing, as I go along.

And HP is being nice and sending me a new hard drive, since this one is still considerably under warranty, but still I am, understandably frustrated.  My brand new Samsung camera started malfunctioning a few weeks ago, and now my laptop is dead!

In short, technology hates me and/or is doing its best to try my patience.  Hello, library computer.  I’m glad you’re here, at least!

So yes, until I get my new hard drive and get everything fixed up nicely, updates here will be rare.  I’ll be updating The Hollow Tree, though, so look there—coming this week, Cyn Balog’s Fairy Tale and a Myths & Legends 101 on Banshees!

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    thephoneix said,

    *hugs* I still feel bad. I’m glad that HP will be sending you another hard drive though. I still have Pathways in my email if you need that copy as well.

    Oh! I can’t wait to see what you think of Cyn Balog’s Fairy Tale. I read it on the plane back home, and rambled onto to Jenny about it. LOL

    • 2

      Lisa said,

      Ooooh, did you like it? I guess I can go over to Hollow Tree and check. hahaha

      Don’t feel bad you silly goose! The little bit that I lost was my own fault, and I’m just glad it was under warranty!

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