Step into the Hollow Tree…


My friend Isabelle Santiago and I have been thinking for a long time about a big gap in the blogosphere—a centralized location for people to discuss, theorize, and basically REVEL in the wonderful and ever-expanding world that is Young Adult Fantasy.

We finally decided to just go ahead and create it ourselves, but then she had to finish edits for an ebook she had sold, and then I’ve been traveling and moving the past year, and she had a baby, so the plan got put on hold for a bit. But we’ve both finally gotten to the point in our lives where we can really invest in this, and so we’re going ahead and doing it. And we are SO excited!

We will be posting on a daily schedule M-F, including book reviews, books we’re looking forward to, the translation from the page to the silver screen, and even a section called Mythology 101, where we’ll have mini lessons on some of the fantastic stories and legends that have been enthralling the human mind for thousands of years! Hopefully in the future we will also be including author chats, interviews and giveaways!

Oh, and before I forget, Isabelle and I will also be offering mini free reads twice monthly, to keep those creative juices alive. 😉

The blog is called Tales from the Hollow Tree, and there’s an introductory post up right now, so go have a look!

We’ll be dealing with almost anything that can constitute as Young Adult Fantasy, from paranormal to urban to high fantasy. We’ll probably dip into children’s fantasy once in a while, too—so long as it’s really, really good. We’re really hoping that this will be a blog where readers feel comfortable to interact, too, to tell us what YOU want to see forthcoming.

So come slip into The Hollow Tree! We’re looking forward to meeting you, and you never know what you might find. 😉


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    Isabelle said,

    🙂 Good stuff coming. I can’t wait.

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