Organic Pop-Tarts, etc.



is what I’m eating right now.  For dinner.  More specifically, I’m eating the Brown Sugar/Maple Syrup variety, but the CherryPom is waiting to be tried as well.  This is sort of how my new life in Utah is going at the moment.  Not that I’m so poor that I can only buy pop-tarts (though that’s close-ish to the truth) but my life here seems to constitute of simpler things, including simpler meals.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to die of scurvy or starvation.  At least I don’t think.

It’s very odd to go from nearly a year of traveling and working around the clock to suddenly having an open schedule in a small, slow-paced town in northern Utah.  I have doubled the size of my manuscript in the two weeks I’ve been here.  Okay, really all that means is that I’ve gone from 4000 something words to 8000 something, but still.  And I’m currently finishing about a chapter a week.  I’m decided to keep this pace up.   I’m also looking into a short-story submission Isabelle Santiago has made me aware of, which I am certainly interested in.  Stick around and we just might have some announcements about some other things, too.   😉


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