Surfacing – Available February 10th

Surfacing by Isabelle Santiago, available February 1oth exclusively at Freya’s Bower.

Paige Jacobs lives the perfect life with her fiancé, Ryan, but the memory–or fantasy–of a gorgeous boy with silver eyes consumes her. Her sister Aimee, the only one who knows the dangerous secrets of her past, refuses to talk about them.

Feeling very much alone and obsessing over the haunting memories, Paige decides to write a book in hope of finally dispelling the precious memories so she can move on. Every chapter she writes brings her closer to the boy she’d loved so much in her youth. Then one morning in a coffee shop, she encounters a man with silver eyes.

Has she crossed the line between reality and fantasy?


I’m so excited to see Surfacing being made available to the public.  Isabelle is a very good friend of mine and I’ve known and loved this story for quite some time now.  The thing that really draws me to it again and again is the fact that Paige doesn’t really have that bad of a life in the first place – she has a great supportive friend in her sister Aimee, and a loving and wonderful fiancé.  But… what if there’s something more?  What if instead of having a really good life, she can have a fantastic one?  Instead of having a good man by her side, she can have something more than that—a soulmate?  And then if she could have that kind of life again, could she even justify wanting it when it could hurt so many other people?  Is she just fooling herself in the first place?

Paige has some difficult, heart-rending decisions to make here, and traveling with her on this journey can be a bumpy road—but one I would never miss.  Keep the kleenex handy, though… you’re going to need it.

ETA:  Isabelle has a sneak peek of the book up on her blog right now!  Get thee hence!  You won’t regret it!

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