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Since “Inspiration” is (or should) the theme this week … what is your reading inspired by?

I admit, I have a heart for the expansive.  Minimalist literature certainly has its place, but that place tends to not be on my bookshelf—or if it is, not on my nightstand for easy reaching.  “Expansive” can mean any number of things, though, from depth of character to richness of language, to bigness of emotion, to a whole new world.

This is why I’m so drawn to young adult and fantasy, because young adult novels are full of big, overwhelming feelings, and fantasy always has something new and mystical and wonderful about it that makes me feel as if I’m in an altogether other place.

This is also what draws me to classics, though, because there is a richness in language in the classics, along with this feeling that you get when you read them, when you know that when this was being written, it was new, it was fresh.  Someone actually wrote these words.  Once upon a time, Jane Austen and William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens and whoever else you will, actually sat down and pulled these words out of the air and set them down on paper, and there they have lasted for centuries.

That’s what my reading is inspired by.  The people who write it.


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    Frances said,

    Like your point about YA literature and the expansiveness of the emotion expressed there. Exactly my feeling. Nicely put!

  2. 2

    DW Golden said,

    I heartily agree. I love writing young adult fiction because the world is such a big, wide world to a child becoming an adult. They haven’t yet left behind the magical, worry-free days of childhood and their minds are full of dreams and imagination about what their future may hold. And yet they are so close to adulthood that taking them on an adult journey without their parents breathing down their necks is so much darn fun!

    DW Golden
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  3. 3

    Isabelle said,

    This is why I’m so drawn to young adult and fantasy, because young adult novels are full of big, overwhelming feelings […]

    That is what I love most about YA fiction. It’s so very real in terms of that time in life and how everything feels like it’s the end of the world. Add fantasy to it- and sometimes, it literally is. You can’t beat that kind of urgency.

  4. 4

    tiemeinwords said,

    Thank you, Frances!

    Yes, DW, I agree entirely! Very well put!

    Everything does feel like it’s the end of the world, doesn’t it, Isabelle? *grins* I think that’s what I love about it. Even if something isn’t really such high stakes, it always feels like it is.

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